We like those types of scenarios. And when our customers buy any item from our rapidly growing line of private label products, that’s just what they are creating.


First, they are buying a higher than expected quality of product for a price lower than they would expect to pay for it. That’s a win.


Our private label products are free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives; and they are taste tested by our own Team Members to ensure we are only putting the “Big Red L” on products we’d buy for our own families. Additionally, these products are rapidly becoming the favorite of many customers so we are selling more of them. That’s the second win.


We get to sell you more of the products we love. And, that allows us to create perhaps the biggest win of all; 10% of the profits from this purchase will be reinvested back into the communities we serve. We love doing that. So, the next time you’re shopping one of our stores and see the “10% For Good” logo you’ll know what it means. You’re getting a great product while allowing us to give more back to our communities.