Tween’s Better Bites: Lexington, KY

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Tween’s Better Bites: Lexington, KY

This past September, Lucky’s Market Lexington partnered with Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition to host Impact Day, dedicating 10% of sales from one day to support their Better Bites program.

Formed in 2003, Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition is a group of community members who partner with groups to bring healthy food meeting Better Bites nutritional guidelines to the places where area kids meet: recreational facilities, sports events, after school programs, school concessions, camps, churches, and restaurants.

Our Impact Day earned $2,381, enough to allow plenty of local kid hangouts to replace French fries with finger-friendly fruits and veggies so kids have healthier options. Do kids always welcome the change? Says a representative of Tweens, “Our ideas and materials are tested before we launch, and once our projects are underway, we monitor, tweaking as necessary for maximum impact.”

Talk about food (and healthy strategies) on the go!

For more information about working with us for any of our community partnering programs, please visit our site.

Jamie Van Eaton