Private Label Cans Hunger: Gainesville, FL

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Private Label Cans Hunger: Gainesville, FL

This winter, our 10% for Good donation ensured 10% of profits from all private label sales from Nov. 9th-Dec. 14th in Gainesville were donated to Bread of the Mighty food bank, equaling $2,433.

With these funds, Carla Hill, Development Director from Bread of the Mighty, shared that 17,031 meals would be provided, which is enough to feed a family of four 3 meals for 3.8 years!

Cartfuls of shelf-stable food were also provided to help stock the pantries for those in need through a perishable food drive in the front of the store during the campaign as well.

Founded in 1987, Bread of the Mighty gets food where it is most needed in their community, operating programs such as “Food on the Move”, “Kids Cafe”, Gainesville Harvest, and summer and afterschool programs.

For more information, or to support Bread of the Mighty Food Bank, visit

Jamie Van Eaton