Creating a New Crop of Happy Campers: Ellisville, MO


Creating a New Crop of Happy Campers: Ellisville, MO

In 2014, Lucky’s Market partnered with the Wildwood Family YMCA to install a children’s garden. Called the Lucky’s Learning Garden, this outdoor classroom hosts kids camps, field trips, and other groups that give children the opportunity to learn more about gardening, food systems, and nutrition.

The garden offers many free educational and community programs. In 2016 alone, the garden impacted 518 children through a Spring Break Camp, educated child watch, collaboration with Traditional Summer Camps, and the facilitation of 9 volunteer groups to sustain and beautify the garden.

Plant A Row for The Hungry facilitated 22 volunteers who planted, managed, and harvested the berm. They even donated 2,000 pounds of produce to local Eureka Food Pantry and Circle of Concern!
From Spring to Fall, harvested crops included everything from beets to zinnias, bird house gourds to squash, lettuce, tomatoes, cantaloupes, peppers, cucumbers, and watermelon. The children built a green bean teepee hut, hoop house, rain barrel, and built berms for watermelon and cantaloupe.

Children from child watch also extracted 250 pounds of sweet potatoes that were donated to local food pantries. Way to grow!

Jamie Van Eaton