Girls in the Know: Rock Hill, MO


Girls in the Know: Rock Hill, MO

Lucky’s Market partnered with Girls in the Know to support their “She & Me” 4-week Speaker Workshop.

Attended by 30 pre-teen girls (ages 10-12) and their caregivers from Kingdom House, the program was delivered entirely in Spanish, in partnership with Saint Louis University School of Medicine and the Hispanic Leader Student Organization.

Workshops were broken out into four 1.5 hour sessions each week, delivered by licensed professional female speakers who discuss important life topics like empowerment, self-esteem, healthy friendships, bullying, nutrition, exercise, body image, eating disorders, cell phone and internet safety, home alone and sleepover safety, and puberty.

The knowledge provided these young women and their caregivers will empower and provide them with the self-confidence to make positive choices that will influence their physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being, while reducing at risk behaviors such as school drop-out, drug use, bullying, cutting, and initiation of sexual intercourse.

Girls in the Know provides this programming to underserved pre-teen girls and their caregivers, which costs $125 per pair. Our partnership meant we could provide our program to 4 pairs of pre-teen girls and their caregivers. You go, girls!

Jamie Van Eaton