The School of Rock (and Trees, and Earth): Columbus, OH

CBS_Red Oak Community School

The School of Rock (and Trees, and Earth): Columbus, OH

Red Oak Community School is new to Clintonville, but the 30 children aged 5-11 receiving an education rooted in nature and academics can’t imagine being anywhere else. Still, the cost of outfitting a classroom with the necessary tools for learning doesn’t come cheap.

Through our Bags for Change program, we provided funding to purchase supplies for a whole year for Red Oak Community School classrooms. The supplies will help provide a nurturing, academically rich learning environment honoring childhood, stewardship of the natural world, and community.

Whether Red Oak youngsters are examining mud pools or the complexities of thaumatropes (early optical toys which create animation), it is inspiring to see happy and engaged students foster a sense of community both among students and their families, as well as in the greater context of our local and world communities.

Jamie Van Eaton